You’re an expert. You should be spending your time in that expertise – not wasting hours writing proposals.

Outsource your proposals to writing and design experts who know how to draft winning submissions and spend your time doing the things you should be doing.

We use persuasive language, elegant design, and winning processes to maximize your scores so you can rest easy knowing you have the strongest submission and more free time to focus on the work that matters.    

As a leader in your firm, your time is valuable.

And I’m sure writing proposals is not the best use of it. If you could outsource this part of the job and focus on growing the business, mentoring juniors, or even tackling your to-do list, you’d be more effective than you would by agonizing over RFP requirements.

Leave that to us.

How we save you time

We take over the entire process—from the RFP review, to strategy, to producing the content. We’ll use your past responses, content we gather from interviewing your team, and our industry knowledge to ensure you have the highest caliber responses with as little effort from you.

We’re specialists. Not just in proposals, but proposals for the building industry.

Your firm’s strengths + our industry knowledge = winning submissions

We know what your competition is submitting. We’ve seen dozens of proposals and dozens of bid documents. We’ll help you stay compliant with all the RFP requirements and strategize to maximize your scores on each question so you have the best chance of winning.     

Our Secret Sauce

Differentiating yourself is hard. Here’s how we do it for our clients. 


Writing Formulas

Why do Hollywood movies follow predetermined formulas that have been done to death? Because they work. They hook in the audience, activate their emotional triggers, and speak to their inner desires. The same thing goes with marketing copywriting formulas. When you land on a well-written website, or see a convincing advertisement, it likely follows one of these formulas. We have developed frameworks to inject these storytelling and copywriting formulas in your RFP responses to give your submission a resonance your competition won’t match.


Custom Design and Branding

When you first pick up an iPhone—and before you even touch the screen—a set of emotional events are happening within you that convince you that this is a high-value product. Apple builds their products design-first, form-over-function, because they know design projects value. When it comes to proposals, the values you demonstrate should match those of the project. If you’re building a school, you should project hope and inspiration. Our designers know how to project those values with colour, typography, and imagery, creating an emotional impact before a single word is read.



Nearly every proposal submission ever written has been way too self involved. The wrong philosophy: look how great our firm is. The right philosophy: look how well we understand your problem and here’s how we’ve humbly solved those problems in the past. Each answer should start with empathy – how can you demonstrate your understanding of the Project Owner’s gravest concerns?  


Strategy and Messaging

Question by question, how do we maximize each score? What are the common narratives we want to string together? In the eyes of the Project Owner, what is the best outcome for this project? What are they absolutely afraid of and trying to avoid? It’s questions like these that drive the initial strategy sessions so that we can string together consistent messages that hit the right emotional triggers. 

Don’t just take our word for it…


Before working with Dan, we were winning maybe one in ten of the proposal projects we were pursuing. Since bringing him on, we’re now either getting an interview or winning in over 50% of the bids we’re going after. Absolutely worth the investment.

Kursten Faller, Principal, Midgard Project Management

You can spend marketing dollars on websites, PR, advertising, and the like—but there’s no marketing spend that is more directly tied to growth than proposal writing.

Let’s have a conversation and see if we can help you improve your proposal game and give you the time to focus on the tasks that matter.